Commission delivered final report to Congress on June 28, 2002
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Remarks of Congressman Patrick Tiberi (R-OH)
September 24, 2001

Thank you so much. It is truly a pleasure to be back in the Statehouse today. Welcome to not only my hometown of Columbus, but also my district and the great State of Ohio as well.

You have an important mission ahead of you. I am so pleased and the people behind me are pleased that you have come to Columbus, Ohio. Your two hosts, both Director Lawrence, who I served with the Ohio General Assembly, and Clark Law, both will provide not only great testimony today I am sure, but will provide the great leadership on the issues before you.

I know that you will leave Ohio with a better understanding of what we have done here in the State of Ohio, what they have done in the State of Ohio to address these issues.

I do sit on a committee, as you mentioned, that former Congressman Rick Lazio sat on and he showed leadership to help organize your existence. I look forward to reviewing what you have come up with after your mission is completed and after you really hear from the folks, not only here, but other parts of the country who are in the trenches every day dealing with these important issues of housing especially as it applies to seniors.

So, welcome. I know you will hear some wonderful testimony today from all aspects of Ohio's needs and hopefully it will help you as you put together the recommendations that will be forthcoming.

Great to have you here. I wish I could stay longer. Unfortunately, I have to head back to Washington. I know that you will enjoy your stay. Thank you so much.

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