Commission delivered final report to Congress on June 28, 2002
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St. Leonard Center

St. Leonard Center Limited Partnership
8400 St. Francis Drive Centerville, OH 45458-
100 Units, New Construction, Elderly
Asset Manager Staff : Todd Development Staff : Roy

Bedroom Mix
75 One-Bedroom Units, 25 Two-Bedroom Units

St. Leonard Center has built on success with the construction of a new 100-unit facility on the existing Franciscan at St. Leonard retirement campus. Residents enjoy access to facilities located on the spacious 240-acre site, including dining rooms, supportive services and a chapel. The new facility replaces part of the existing housing.

Development Team
St. Leonard Center Sponsor
St. Leonard Center Developer
Miller Valentine Builder/Contractor
St. Leonard Center Management Company
St. Leonard Center I, Inc. General Partner
Franciscan at Saint Leonard Sponsor
Franciscan Home Development, Inc. Sponsor

OEF Equity Fund Sources
OEF VI $1,458,910.00
OEF IX $290,305.00

Equity Fund Sources
Star Bank $700,849.00
Key Community Development Corporation $410,544.00

Total Equity Sources: $2,860,608.00

Non-Equity Fund Sources
National City Bank $1,150,000.00
Affordable Housing Fund $245,000.00
Franciscan at Saint Leonard $508,700.00
Montgomery County
Ohio Department of Development
Total Non-Equity Sources: $2,378,700.00

Total Sources: $5,239,308.00

Financing Uses
Land Cost $100.00
Building Acquisition $0.00
Site Work $250,000.00
Hard Construction Costs $4,172,400.00
Soft Construction Costs $347,494.00
Development Fee $245,000.00
Construction Loan Interest $85,355.00
Reserves $0.00
Bridge Loan Interest $138,959.00
Total Uses: $5,239,308.00

Funds: OEF IX

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