Committee Charges

Smithsonian Science Commission
Committee Charges

Committee of the Whole
(Sabloff, Chair)

Will focus on the large question of how scientific research can be improved at the Smithsonian. This includes goals and strategies to achieve this improvement and plans for their implementation.

Subcommittee A:  Executive Committee 
(Sabloff, Chair; Moses, Baker, members)
Will coordinate activities of all subcommittees.

Subcommittee B:  Optimal Organization Committee
(Raven, Chair; Alldredge, Campbell, and Crane, members).
Will attempt to a) define the optimal Smithsonian organizational structure and management plan that can best fulfill the goals and priorities of Smithsonian research; and, b) suggest how the plan would be implemented.

Subcommittee C:  Research and Public Programs Committee
(Baker, Chair; Fitzhugh and Hubbell, members).
Will examine the relationship of research and public programs in the Smithsonian's museums and research institutes.

Subcommittee D:  Research Profile Committee
(Moses, Chair; Ayala, and Feller, members).
Will suggest mechanisms to raise the profile and public recognition of Smithsonian scientific research.

Subcommittee E:  Research Evaluation Committee
(Wake, Chair; Levin, Kirshner, and Wagner, members).
Will analyze procedures to evaluate scientific researchers and suggest the most appropriate system to be applied at the Smithsonian.

Subcommittee F:  Research Leadership Qualification Committee
(Erwin, Chair; Jackson, and Simpson, members).
Will recommend the most appropriate methods for selecting the scientific leadership of Smithsonian museums and research institutes.

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