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  • The third meeting of the Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligations of Digital Television Broadcasters was held on January 16, 1998 at the Hotel Madison in Washington, DC.

    The following materials were distributed to Advisory Committee members in preparation for and at the meeting. Links are provided to documents vailable in electronic form. Please note that this site includes links to private and other public sites that contain related information, public comments provided to the Committee, statements of Committee panel members, and other material that may be of interest to the public. Provision of these links does not express or imply endorsement by the Commerce Department, NTIA, or the Advisory Committee.
    • Biographies of the panelists
    • Presentation by Josh Bernoff, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.
    • Presentation by Bruce Allan, Vice President, Harris Corporation
    • Presentation by Rob Glaser, Chairman and CEO, RealNetworks, Inc.
    • "Reducing Losses from Disasters with Accurate Information," submitted by Dr. Peter Ward, U.S. Geological Survey and Chairman of the Working Group on Natural Disaster Information Systems
    • Remarks of Gordon M. Ambach, Executive Director, Council of Chief State School Officers
    • Remarks of Janet Poley, President, American Distance Education Consortium
    • Remarks of Marilyn Gell Mason, Director, Cleveland Public Library
    • Remarks of Fred Esplin, General Manager, KUED Salt Lake City
    • Background materials, Panel on "Closed Captioning and Video Description of Broadcast Programming," submitted by Karen Peltz Strauss, National Association of the Deaf, and Larry Goldberg, CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media
    • Background materials, Panel on "Educational Programming in the Digital Era," submitted by Peggy Charren
    • Background information, "PBS in the Digital Age," submitted by PBS
    • "Setting Aside 9600 "Baud" for Emergency Notification," submitted by Judson C. French, Harris Corporation
    • Public comment submissions via email (December 5, 1997 - January 13, 1998)
    Committee information, meeting minutes, and documents produced for and by the Committee are available on this site and can also be obtained by emailing, by calling 202-482-1880, or by written request to:
    Karen Edwards
    Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligations of Digital Television Broadcasters
    NTIA - Room 4720
    U.S. Department of Commerce
    Washington, DC 20230

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