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Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets in the US

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Mission Statement
Research Areas
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Research Areas

Original Research

The Commission on Holocaust Assets will focus its original research on three main areas, as specified in the Statute - art and cultural property, gold and other economic assets.

Art and cultural property includes works of art, books, religious objects, gems, jewelry and non-precious metals. The reports on Hitler’s museum for Linz and Hermann Goering’s art collection that are reproduced on this website

There are many unresolved issues regarding Nazi gold, including the role of the Federal Reserve.

Other non-gold financial assets include bank accounts, securities and intellectual property which were frozen.


If you would like further information on any specific area, please contact us.

Review of Other Research

The second portion of the Commission's mandate calls for review of research done by others regarding the fate of assets that have been in the possession of private organizations or individuals or non-Federal government organizations.

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