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Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets in the US

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Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

The Commission will conduct a thorough study and develop a historical record of the collection and disposition of the assets of Holocaust victims that came into the possession or control of the Government of the United States. In addition, the Commission will comprehensively review research, carried out by others, into the collection and disposition of such assets that came into the possession or control of non-Federal entities.

The Commission will submit a report or reports to the President of the United States containing recommendations it deems necessary, or appropriate, for future legislative, administrative, or other action.

The Commission will marshal its expertise and available technology to serve as a clearinghouse for information on the theft and restitution of Holocaust era assets for U.S. citizens seeking such information.

The Commission's efforts will be guided by a non-partisan commitment to the truth, attained through the rigorous application of historical and other investigatory methods. The Commission affirms that this commitment exemplifies and strengthens our democracy. The Commission's work will demonstrate the leadership of the United States in the international effort to obtain justice for the victims and survivors of the Holocaust and their families.

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