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12/19/94 Independent Counsel Smaltz's discussion with Time magazine reporter
01/20/95 Puerto Rico events in preliminary stage of investigation
02/06/95 Theodore S. Greenberg appointment
10/23/95 James H. Lake Three-Count Information
10/25/95 James H. Lake Guilty Plea
05/22/96 Five M Farming, Brook Keith Mitchell, Sr., and Brook Keith Mitchell, Jr. Four-Count Indictment
05/30/96 Crop Growers Corporation, John Hemmingson and Gary Black Seventeen-Count Indictment
06/13/96 Sun-Diamond Growers of California Nine-Count Indictment
07/09/96 Henry W. Espy, Jr., Alvarez Ferrouillet, Ferrouillet & Ferrouillet, and Municipal Healthcare Cooperative Fifteen-Count Indictment
08/06/96 Henry W. Espy, Jr., et al. Superseding Indictment to add John Hemmingson as a defendant
09/17/96 Jack L.Williams Two-Count Indictment
09/24/96 Sun-Diamond Growers of California Guilty Verdict
10/16/96 Richard Douglas Nineteen-Count Indictment
11/13/96 Brook Keith Mitchell, Sr. and Five M Farming Guilty Plea
11/19/96 Norris Faust, Jr. Three-Count Indictment
12/19/96 Alvarez T. Ferrouillet, Jr. and John Hemmingson Conviction
01/21/97 Crop Growers Corporation Plea and Sentence
02/13/97 John J. Hemmingson and Gary Black Acquittal
02/17/97 Norris Faust, Jr. Acquittal
02/24/97 Alvarez T. Ferrouillet, Jr., Municipal Healthcare and Ferrouillet & Ferrouillet Guilty Plea
03/04/97 Henry W. Espy, Jr. Acquittal
03/21/97 Jack L. Williams Conviction
04/22/97 Ronald H. Blackley Three-Count Indictment
05/13/97 Sun-Diamond Growers of California Sentence
05/14/97 Alvarez T. Ferrouillet, Jr. and John Hemmingson Sentence
06/19/97 Press Release about Letter to Time Magazine editor
06/19/97 Letter to Time Magazine editor
07/29/97 Smith Barney, Inc. Civil Settlement
08/27/97 Alphonso Michael Espy Thirty-Nine-Count Indictment
09/30/97 Jack L. Williams Four-Count Superseding Indictment
11/25/97 Richard Douglas Verdict
12/01/97 Ronald H. Blackley Conviction
12/29/97 Tyson Foods, Inc. Guilty Plea
01/12/97 Tyson Foods, Inc. Sentence
01/15/98 Jack L.Williams and Archibald R. Schaffer, III Fifteen-Count Superseding Indictment
01/30/98 James H. Lake Sentence
3/16/98 Richard Douglas Guilty Plea
3/18/98 Ronald H. Blackley Sentence
5/4/98 Petition for Rehearing in Sun-Diamond; opening of "" Internet website; appointment of Deputy IC Greenberg as Spokesman
6/26/98 Jack L. Williams and Archibald R. Schaffer, III Conviction
7/21/98 Robert Mondavi Corp. Civil Settlement
8/26/98 Sun-Land Products Guilty Plea and Sentence
11/5/98 Robert W.Ray is named Deputy Independent Counsel
12/2/98 Alphonso Michael Espy Acquittal
1/26/99 DC Circuit Affirmed Blackley Conviction and Sentence
3/8/99 Brook Keith Mitchell, Sr. and Five M Farming Enterprises Sentence
4/27/99 Supreme Court Decision in re Sun-Diamond Growers
7/23/99 Court of Appeals Opinion in United States v. Schaffer
6/27/00 D.C. Circuit Reinstated Guilty Verdict against Archibald R. Schaffer, III

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