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Comments by Regional Meetings

The following entries are the Public Comments given by individuals at the Commission meetings held to date, and subsequently transmitted via e-mail to the Commission. All Public Comments received via e-mail will be posted on the Commission web site. Comments are grouped by a specific regional meeting or under General Comments.

April 2-3, 2003
January 24, 2003
November 22, 2002
October 30, 2002
September 25, 2002
August 21-22, 2002
July 23-24, 2002
June 13-14, 2002
May 13-14, 2002
April 17-18, 2002
March 8, 2002
February 22, 2002
January 16, 2002
November 13, 2001
September 18, 2001

April 2-3, 2003
Public Meeting
Washington, D.C.

Robyn Conmy, Lisa Fairchild, Dan Hammond, Monica Wolfson and Janell Harvey (pdf, 20kb), University of South Florida Ocean Policy Class
Erika Feller (pdf, 120kb), The Nature Conservancy
CAPT Robert G. Ross (pdf, 20kb), U.S. Coast Guard

January 24, 2003
Public Meeting
Washington, D.C.

Lee Crockett (pdf 104kb), Marine Fish Conservation Network
Robert J. Nicholson, III (pdf 132kb), Sea Solar Power International
Eric Rardin (pdf 84kb), National Environmental Trust

November 22, 2002
Public Meeting
Washington, D.C.

Tim Eichenberg (pdf 92kb), Oceana

October 30, 2002
Public Meeting
Washington, D.C.

Mary Munson (pdf 236kb), National Parks Conservation Association
Gil Radonski (pdf 132kb), Save the Fish Foundation
Rick Schwabacher (pdf 68kb), The Cousteau Society
Mark Wolf-Armstrong (pdf 204kb), Restore America’s Estuaries

September 25, 2002
Great Lakes Regional Meeting
Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Jeffrey R. Boehm (pdf 68kb), John G. Shedd Aquarium Lee Botts (pdf 80kb), Citizen
F. Ned Dikmen (pdf 84kb), Great Lakes Boating Magazine
Dr. Gordon S. Fraser (pdf, 100kb), Northeastern Association of Marine and Great Lakes
Judith R. Johnston (pdf 56kb), Lake Michigan Interleague Group
Frederick J. Kenney (pdf 84kb), U.S. Department of State
Mark Rodgers (pdf 72kb), Cape Wind Associates
John D. Rogner (pdf 88kb), Chicago Region Biodiversity Council
Bart Stupak (pdf 346kb), U.S. Congress, 1st District of Michigan

August 21-22, 2002
Alaska Regional Meeting
Anchorage, Alaska

Joel Blatchford (pdf 68kb), Alaska Native Marine Mammal Hunters Committee
Norman Estabrook (pdf 56kb), Citizen
John Garner (pdf 56kb), North Pacific Crab Association
Karen Gillis (pdf 64kb), Interim Executive Director, Bering Sea Fishermen's Association
Adelheid Herrmann (pdf 60kb), Native American Fish and Wildlife Society
Marc Jones (pdf 48
kb), Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation
Pamela A. Miller (pdf 76kb), Arctic Connections
Captain Bob Pawlowski (pdf 48kb), Thales GeoSolutions, Inc.
George Pletnikoff (pdf 108kb), Citizen
Monica Riedel (pdf 56kb), Alaska Native Harbor Seal Commission
Martin Robards (pdf 872kb), The Ocean Conservancy
Bob Shavelson (pdf 96kb), Cook Inlet Keeper
Victoria Steere (pdf 40kb), Citizen
Jack K. Sterne (pdf 108kb), Trustees for Alaska
Rick Steiner (pdf 384kb), Professor, University of Alaska
Arni Thompson (pdf 52kb), Alaska Crab Coalition On Bering Sea Crab Rationalization

July 23-24, 2002
Northeast Regional Meeting
Boston, Massachusetts

John Bell (pdf 53kb), City of Gloucester, Mass.
David Dow (pdf 1Mb), citizen
Richard E. Fredricks (pdf 282kb), Maritime Solutions, Inc.
Gary Gill-Austern (pdf 111kb), Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound
Dr. Roger Payne (pdf 125kb), Ocean Alliance
J. Arnold Witte (pdf 97kb), American Salvage Association

June 13-14, 2002
Northwest Regional Meeting
Seattle, Washington

William Affleck-Asch (pdf 40kb), citizen
Kevin J. Bright (pdf 360kb), Cypress Island, Inc.
Robin Downey (pdf 92kb), Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association
Christopher J. Evans (pdf 128), Surfrider Foundation
John Forster (pdf 44kb), Forster Consulting
Howard Garrett (pdf 28kb), citizen
Dr. Joseph K. Gaydos (pdf 96kb), University of California, Davis
Jessica Hamilton (pdf 34MB), Oregon State University’s Ocean Policy Student Working Group
Jesse Hayes (pdf 84kb), Hayes Oyster Company
Amber Himes (pdf 78kb), Orca Relief Citizen’s Alliance
Harry N. Hutchins (pdf 124kb), Puget Sound Steamship Operators Association
Phillip Lansing (pdf 72kb), Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Kelly McCaffrey (pdf 32kb), citizen
Richard (Dick) Poole (pdf 48kb), citizen
David Revell (pdf 60kb), Surfrider Foundation Oregon Chapter
Dave Schneidler (pdf 104kb), Puget Sound Harbor Safety and Security Committee
Russell W. Scranton (pdf 72kb), Oregon State University’s College of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Glen H. Spain (pdf 108kb), Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations
The Honorable Dan Swecker (pdf 83kb), Washington State Senate
Stephen R. Taufen (pdf 304kb), Groundswell Fisheries Movement
Avalyn Taylor (pdf 80kb), Audubon Society of Portland,
Eric Wallen (pdf 40kb), citizen

May 13-14, 2002
Hawaii and Pacific Islands Regional Meeting
Honolulu, Hawaii

Louis (Buzzy) Agard (pdf 60kb), Citizen
Peter Etnoyer
(pdf 88kb), Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Bill Friedl (pdf 64kb), Marine Technology Society
Patricia Fryer (pdf 100kb), University of Hawaii
Richard W. Grigg (pdf 48kb), University of Hawaii
Jonathan Kelsey (pdf 44kb), Citizen
Linda Paul (pdf 100kb), Hawaii Audubon Society
William Mokahi Steiner (pdf 84kb), US Geological Survey
Peter Wilson (pdf 124kb), Global Ocean Consultants
Dr. John Wiltshire (pdf 40kb), NOAA Undersea Research Laboratory

April 17-18, 2002
Southwest Region Meeting
San Pedro, California

Kathleen Burr
(pdf 80kb), Los Angeles County Farm Bureau
Ruth Gerson
(pdf 68kb), Recreation and Equestrian Coalition
Jeff Harris
(pdf 92kb), Citizen
Michael Jasny
(pdf 64kb), Natural Resources Defense Council
Chris Miller
(pdf 56kb), Citizen
Bruce Monroe
(pdf 68kb), Sierra Club
Edward Everett Vaill (pdf 76kb), Citizen
Jerry Wilson (pdf 32kb), Thales GeoSolutions Pacific

March 8, 2002
Gulf Regional Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana

Neil Armingeon (pdf 180kb), Lake Pontchartrain Foundation
Doug Daigle
(pdf 72kb), Mississippi River Basin Alliance
Peter M. Emerson
(pdf 152kb), Environmental Defense
Cynthia Goldberg
(pdf 144kb), Gulf Restoration Network
Wendy King
(pdf 40kb), Citizen
Steve Kolian
(pdf 124kb), Eco Rigs
Paul W. Sammarco
(pdf 164kb), Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
Dr. John W. Tunnell Jr.
(pdf 92kb), Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Carolyn Woosley (pdf 2.6 MB), Citizen

February 22, 2002
Florida and the Caribbean Regional Meeting
St. Petersburg, Florida

Taffi Fisher Abt
(pdf 76kb), Mel Fisher Center, Inc.
Sydney T. Bacchus
(pdf 364kb), Applied Environmental Services, Inc.
Nancy Lee
(pdf 40kb), Friends of the Everglades
James J. Sinclair
(pdf 116kb), Searex Inc.
Greg Stemm
(pdf 256kb), Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc.
Jay Titlow
(pdf 100kb), MARAK Services

January 16, 2002
Southeast Regional Meeting
Charleston, South Carolina

Dennis Allen
(pdf 72kb), Estuarine Research Federation
Christopher Andrews
(pdf 72kb), South Carolina Aquarium
Phil Dustan
(pdf 460kb), Cousteau Society
Nathanael Heasley
(pdf 52kb), Taxpayers For Common Sense
Lynne Hinkey
(pdf 92kb), NOAA Coastal Services Center
Harriet Nash
(pdf 68kb), Friends of the Earth
Doug Rader
(pdf 84kb), Environmental Defense
Gilbert Radonski
(pdf 136kb), Recreation Fishing Alliance
Thomas R. Reinert
(pdf 72kb), American Fisheries Society
William G. Ross Jr.
(pdf 64kb), State of North Carolina

November 13, 2001
Public Meeting
Washington, DC

David Helvarg (pdf 52kb), Citizen

September 18, 2001
Public Meeting
Washington, DC

Gerhard Kuska (pdf 40kb), Center for the Study of Marine Policy
Eli Weissman
(pdf 64kb), The Ocean Conservancy



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