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U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy General Public Comments Archive

The following entries are General Public Comments. They have been transmitted via e-mail to the Commission and were not affiliated with a specific public meeting. All Public Comments received via e-mail will be posted on the Commission Web site. Comments are grouped by a specific regional meeting or under General Comments.

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August 2004

Darrell Hillaire (pdf, 312kb), Chairman, Lummi Indian Business Council, Lummi Nation

March 2004

Representative Adam Smith (pdf, 104kb), Member of Congress, State of Washington

February 2004

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Sen. Ron Wyden, Rep. Peter DeFazio, Rep. David Wu and Rep. Darlene Hooley (pdf, 192kb), Members, Oregon Congressional Delegation
The Honorable Mark R. Warner (pdf, 196kb), Governor, State of Virginia

January 2004

The Honorable Donald L. Carcieri (pdf, 252kb), Governor, State of Rhode Island
Zallia Todd
(pdf, 36kb), citizen

December 2003

The Honorable Edward G. Rendell (pdf, 84kb), Governor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

November 2003

Werner Loell (pdf, 44kb), citizen
Greg E. Walcher (pdf, 892kb), Natural Resources Leadership Council

October 2003

George S. Dunlop (pdf, 248kb), Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army
The Honorable George E. Pataki (pdf, 76kb), Governor, State of New York

September 2003

Donald R. Leal (pdf, 64kb), Political Economy Research Center
Kevin B. Marvel (pdf, 40kb), citizen

August 2003

The Honorable Mark Sanford (pdf, 200kb), Governor, State of South Carolina
The Honorable Togiola T. Tulafono (pdf, 508kb), Governor, Pago Pago, American Samoa

June 2003

Timothy J. Cowles (pdf, 276kb), University National Oceanographic Laboratory System
William Latto (pdf, 60kb), citizen
Roger Rufe (pdf, 172kb), The Ocean Conservancy

May 2003

Admiral Michael F. Lohr and Admiral Thomas J. Wilson, III (pdf, 184kb), Department of Defense Task Force

April 2003

Dr. Jude Wilber (pdf 16kb), Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Randy Zurcher (pdf 28kb), Bluewater Network

Febuary 2003

Barbara Rosenkotter (pdf 30kb), citizen

January 2003

Gib Chase (pdf 36kb), citizen
Lee Crockett (pdf 424kb), Marine Fish Conservation Network
Dennis J. Duffy (pdf 1.2MB), Cape Wind Associates
Ken Hinman (pdf 128kb), National Coalition for Marine Conservation
Dr. Daphne Fautin and Dr. Fred Grassle (pdf 244kb), U.S. National Committee for the Census of Marine Life
Adm. Michael F. Lohr and Adm. Thomas J. Wilson, III (pdf 92kb), U.S. Navy

December 2002

Jean R. Cameron (pdf 96kb), Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force
Paul W. Edmondson (pdf 104kb), National Trust for Historic Preservation
Virginia K. Tippie (pdf 356kb), Coastal America

November 2002

Dr. Dennis M. Allen (pdf 104kb), Estuarine Research Federation
Dr. Barry A. Costa-Pierce (pdf 127kb), University of Rhode Island
Fred Felleman and Sally Ann Lentz (pdf 172kb), Ocean Advocates
Tom Fry (pdf 114kb), National Ocean Industries Association and other organizations
Dr. Robert M. Hamilton (pdf 33kb), citizen
Christian A. Herter, Jr. (pdf, 72kb), Council on Ocean Law
Dr. Frances P. McManamon (pdf 60kb), National Park Service
Admiral R.D. West, USN (Ret.) (pdf 125kb), Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education
Admiral R.D. West, USN (Ret.) (pdf 185kb), Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education

October 2002

F. Greg Bemis, Jr. (pdf 320kb), CFC International
M. Richard DeVoe (pdf 636kb), Sea Grant Association
John W. Foster (pdf 148kb), California Department of Parks and Recreation
Andrew J. Loftus (pdf 132kb), Save the Fish Foundation
Dr. Philip C. Loh (pdf 44kb), University of Hawaii
James “Mac” McCarthy (pdf 152kb), U.S. Lifesaving Association Southeast Region
Dr. Robert S. Neyland (pdf 124kb), Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology
Robert Kelly, Vergil E. Noble, and Nancy Wilkie (pdf 96kb), Society for Historical Archaeology
Gregg Parsley (pdf 225 kb), North Pacific Excursions
Roger T. Rufe, Jr. (pdf 580kb), The Ocean Conservancy
Curt Spaulding and Mark Wolf-Armstrong (pdf 144kb), Restore America’s Estuaries
Dr. Robert F. Van Dolah (pdf 164kb), South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Cindy Zipf (pdf 2.7MB), Clean Ocean Action and other organizations
Tony MacDonald (pdf 664kb), Coastal States Organization
Dr. Donald H. Keith and Dr.Toni L. Carrell (pdf 324kb), Ships of Discovery
Peter Wellenberger and Chuck Nieder (pdf 124kb), National Estuarine Research Reserve Association
Dr. Jean-Michel Cousteau (pdf 672kb), National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

September 2002

Wendy B. Allen (pdf 134kb), National Marine Educators Association
Jim DiPeso (pdf 73b), REP America
Roger Jones (pdf 40kb), Citizen

August 2002

Richard B. Allen (pdf 63kb), Citizen
Dr. Patricia Fryer (pdf 71kb), University of Hawaii
William E. Whitney (pdf 410kb), Cruising Club of America

July 2002

Robin K. Craig (pdf 51kb), Indiana University School of Law
Jacqueline K. Haring (pdf 42kb), Citizen
Steve Perrin (pdf 54kb), Friends of Taunton Bay
Alan S. Pooley (pdf 28kb), Citizen
Jan Knut Tepper (pdf 46kb), Citizen
Ward, Breitburg, Joye, et al (pdf 546kb), American Society of Limnology and Oceanography Public Policy Committee Commission on Ocean Policy Working Group

June 2002

John Forster (pdf 44kb), Forster Consulting, Inc
Cindy Lee (pdf 44kb), Stony Brook University
Dr. C. Peter Magrath (pdf 552kb), National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges
Christpher Mooers (pdf 116kb), RSMAS, University of Miami
Radoje Vulovic (pdf 148kb), Marine Board

March 2002

Stewart, Burkett, Haines, Robbins and Williams (pdf 124kb), U.S. Geological Survey
Allen and Barbara Castle (pdf 36kb), Citizens



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