Transforming Organizational Structure


Appendix A: Summary of Actions by Implementation Category

(2) President, Executive Office of the President, or Office of Management and Budget can do

ORG01: Reduce the costs associated with management control structures by one half over a five-year period.

ORG02: Use multi-year performance agreements between the President and agency heads as a tool to guide agency efforts to streamline, reengineer, partner across established boundaries, and empower teams with authority, skills, and accountability.

ORG03: Prepare a list of specific field offices to be closed and submit it to Congress for action.

(3) Requires legislative action

ORG04: Legislation should be enacted to grant the President reorganization authority.

ORG05: The President's Management Council should initiate three or more cross-agency efforts to improve service delivery or policies addressing common issues or customers.

ORG06: Remove legislative barriers to cross-organizational cooperation.

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