Improving Regulatory Systems

Recommendations and Actions

Summary of Actions by Implementation Category

(1) Agency heads can do alone:

REG02.2 Develop a Deskbook on Regulatory Design.

REG03.1 Increase use of negotiated rulemaking.

REG04.2 Enhance public awareness and evaluation of programs.

REG05.1 Streamline internal agency rulemaking procedures.

REG05.2 Use "direct final" rulemaking to reduce needless double review of noncontroversial rules.

REG05.3 Develop specifications for rulemaking petitions.

REG07.1 Rank the seriousness of environmental, health, or safety risks.

REG07.2 Develop long-range future plans and anticipatory approaches to regulatory problems.

REG08.1 Create science advisory boards.

REG09.1 Establish technical drafting services for congressional committees and subcommittees.

REG10.3 Establish an "honors" rotation program for select mid-level career staffers.

REG10.4 Reward innovative regulators.

(2) President, Executive Office of the President, or the Office of Management and Budget can do:

REG01.1 Create an interagency Regulatory Coordinating Group to share information and coordinate approaches to regulatory issues.

REG02.1 Establish use of innovative approaches as administration policy.

REG04.1 Increase public participation during the rulemaking process.

REG06.1 Increase use of alternative means of dispute resolution.

REG10.1 Establish a basic training program for Presidential appointees to regulatory agencies.

(3) Requires legislative action:

REG10.2 Move training programs for agency regulatory lawyers back to Washington, D.C., and expand to cover other career staff.

(4) Good idea, but will require additional work, or may be better suited for future action:

REG04.3 Increase use of information technology.

REG05.4 Evaluate and draft proposed legislative changes to speed the rulemaking process.

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