Intergovernmental Service Delivery


Appendix A:

Summary of Actions by Implementation Category

(2) President, Executive Office of the President, or Office of Management and Budget can do

FSL01.3 Establish a Cabinet-level Enterprise Board to oversee new initiatives in community empowerment.

FSL02.2 Issue a regulatory executive order addressing the problems of unfunded federal mandates and regulatory relief.

FSL03.1 Modify OMB Circular A-87 to provide a fee- for-service option in lieu of cost reimbursement.

FSL04.1 Simplify grant compliance certifications by modifying OMB's requirements.

FSL05.1 Modify OMB Circular A-102 to require that the common grants management rules increase the dollar threshold for small purchases by local governments from $25,000 to $100,000.

FSL06.1 Reinvent the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) and charge it with responsibility for continuous improvement in federal, state, and local partnership and intergovernmental service delivery.

FSL06.2 Develop appropriate benchmarks and performance measures to improve the understanding of public service delivery effectiveness.

FSL06.3 Convene meetings which draw together leaders from federal, state and local government to review, refine, and advance the intergovernmental recommendations of the National Performance Review.

(3) Requires legislative action

FSL01.1 Create flexibility and encourage innovation by designing a bottom-up solution to the problem of grant proliferation and its accompanying red tape.

FSL01.2 Support proposals for Federal-State Flexibility Grants.

FSL02.1 Give cabinet secretaries and agency heads the flexibility to authorize selective relief from regulations or mandates.

March 11, 1993

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