Department of Labor


Department of Labor

Accompanying Report of the National Performance Review

Office of the Vice President

Washington, DC

September 1993


Executive Summary

Recommendations and Actions

DOL01: Enhance Reemployment Programs for Occupationally Disabled Federal Employees

DOL02: Develop a Single Comprehensive Worker Adjustment Strategy

DOL03: Expand Negotiated Rulemaking and Improve Up-Front Teamwork on Regulations

DOL04: Expand the Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution by the Department of Labor

DOL05: Automate the Processing of ERISA Annual Financial Reports (Forms 5500) to Cut Costs and Delays in Obtaining Employee Benefit Plan Data

DOL06: Amend the ERISA Requirement for Summary Plan Descriptions

DOL07: Redirect the Mine Safety and Health Administration's Role in Mine Equipment Regulation

DOL08: Create One- Stop Centers for Career Management

DOL09: Create a Boundary-Spanning Workforce Development Council

DOL10: Refocus the Responsibility for Ensuring Workplace Safety and Health

DOL11: Open the Civilian Conservation Centers to Private and Public Competition

DOL12: Partially Fund Mine Safety and Health Enforcement Through Service Fees

DOL13: Integrate Enforcement Activities Within the Department of Labor

DOL14: Apply Information Technology to Expedite Wage Determinations for Federal Contracts

DOL15: Provide Research and Development Authority for the Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Program

DOL16: Increase Assistance to States in Collecting Delinquent Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Contributions

DOL17: Revise and Update the Consumer Price Index

DOL18: Improve the Delivery of Legal Services by the Office of the Solicitor in the Department of Labor

DOL19: Transfer the Veterans' Employment and Training Service to the Employment and Training Administration

DOL20: Reduce Federal Employees' Compensation Act Fraud

DOL21: Change the Focus of the Unemployment Insurance Benefits Quality Control Program to Improve Performance

Agency Reinvention Activities

Summary of Fiscal Impact


Accompanying Reports of the National Performance Review

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