Office of Personnel Management

Summary of Actions by Implementation Category

(1) Agency heads can do themselves

OPM01.1 Clearly define and publicize OPM's policy, service, and leadership role in addressing critical human resource problems and transforming human resource administrative systems.

OPM01.2 Delegate operational work to the agencies.

OPM01.3 Supplement agency accountability for policy and program implementation with a reinvented program of oversight and assessment.

OPM02.1 Restructure OPM to reflect its commitment to meeting its customers' needs.

OPM02.2 Downsize OPM to reflect its changed roles and functions.

OPM03.1 Use OPM's internal culture change effort as a model for the rest of government.

OPM03.2 Use a variety of interagency groups to involve OPM's external stakeholders in changing federal human resource systems.

OPM03.3 Improve OPM's policymaking process through experimental use of negotiated rulemaking.

OPM03.4 Develop programs to help OPM and agency personnel specialists broaden their customer focus.

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