General Services Administration

Summary of Actions by Implementation Category

(1) Agency heads can do themselves

GSA01.1 Separate policymaking and oversight from service delivery and fund policymaking from direct appropriations.

GSA01.2 Allow agencies to choose whether to purchase GSA services, and fund GSA service delivery from customer revenues.

GSA01.4 Suspend acquisition of net new office space and courthouses.

GSA01.5 Reduce procurement spending.

(2) President, Executive Office of the President, or Office of Management and Budget can do

GSA01.3a Transfer the Indian Trust Accounting Office to the Department of Justice.

(3) Requires legislative action

GSA01.3b Transfer responsibility for transportation audits to agencies.

(4) Good idea, but will require additional work, or may be better suited for future action

GSA01.6 Improve GSA service delivery.

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