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Recommendations From Other NPR Accompanying Reports That Affect GSA

The following recommendations from other issue papers would have a significant organizational or resource impact on GSA.

SUP01: Authorize the executive branch to establish a printing policy that will eliminate the current printing monopoly.

The recommendations in this issue paper would grant GSA authority to establish executive branch printing policy.

SUP03: Improve distribution systems to reduce costly inventories.

This issue paper requires that GSA (and other agencies) maintain depots only when there is an overriding national security interest or an economic advantage over commercial alternatives.

SUP04: Streamline and improve contracting strategies for the Multiple Award Schedule program.

This issue paper contains a number of recommendations that would, among other things, eliminate mandatory requirements for the Multiple Award Schedule program and change synopsis and order limitations for information technology procurements.

SUP05: Expand agency authority and incentives for personal property management and disposal.

This issue paper would give agencies the authority to dispose of agency-owned vehicles and remove GSA as the monopoly service provider.

SUP06: Eliminate the monopoly that will devolve personal property management authorities.

This issue paper would allow agencies to dispose of their own excess or surplus property and use GSA's disposal services as a matter of choice, rather than a mandatory requirement.

SUP08: Give customers choices and create real property enterprises that promote sound asset management.

Among other things, the recommendations in this issue paper would make substantial changes in GSA's Public Buildings Service by granting agencies the authority to choose their sources of real property services, creating competitive real property enterprises and centers of expertise within GSA, and improving GSA's management of the government's real property assets.

PROC08: Reform Information Technology (IT) procurements.

The recommendations in this issue paper would significantly increase the delegation of ADP procurement authority and waive GSA-mandated requirements and alternatives analyses for small dollar commercial automatic data processing acquisitions.

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