Performance-Based Organizations

Table of Contents



Doing It

Lessons Learned to Date


  1. Potential Legislative Flexibilities: Model Language and Section-by-Section Explanation

  2. Role of the Chief Operating Officer
    Creation of the Position of the Chief Operating Officer
    Appointment of Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Operating Officer's Contract
    Chief Operating Officer's Annual Performance Agreement
    Chief Operating Officer's Authority and Accountability
    Sample Position Description for a Chief Operating Officer

  3. Explanation of Potential Human Resources Management Flexibilities
    Part I -- Governmentwide Interests
    Part II -- Existing Personnel Flexibilities and Authorities
    A. Staffing
    B. Classification
    C. Compensation
    D. Performance Management
    E. Dispute Resolution
    Part III -- Potential New Personnel Flexibilities and Authorities
    Part IV -- Potential System Changes Based on the Demonstration
    Project Authority
    A. Staffing
    B. Classification
    C. Compensation
    D. Performance Management

  4. Explanation of Potential Procurement Flexibilities
    Currently Available Flexibilities
    Potential New Statutory Flexibilities
    Additional Information

  5. Explanation of Potential Administrative Services Flexibilities
    A. Supply and Logistics
    B. Excess and Surplus Property
    C. Travel and Mail
    D. Motor Vehicles
    E. Real Property

  6. Tying It All Together: The PBO Framework Agreement


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