Throughout the world, the 7-course meal remains the benchmark of the ultimate fulfilling dining experience. Our 7-course experience came to a peak when the FAALC received the 2000 President's Quality Award Program-Merit Award. The 7 categories against which we are evaluated included:
  1. Leadership
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Customer Focus
  4. Information and Analysis
  5. Human Resources Focus
  6. Process Management
  7. Business Results
In each category, we were measured against world-class standards of quality, consistency, and results. The comprehensive report we received will serve us well into the future as a menu for continued improvement and organizational growth.


Napoleon coined the phrase, "an army travels on its stomach." The Reinvention Army is still growing and traveling. So we have decided to put together a cookbook to make the trip a little more comfortable. Some of the recipes might be appropriate for a 4-star restaurant and some may be more appropriate for a Sunday afternoon watching football in front of the television.

But, that is what makes a cookbook such a wonderful tool for change. Cookbooks contain the basic recipes. Then it is up to the "chef" to reinvent the recipe to fit the meal. Sometimes the chef follows the recipe to the letter. At other times, the chef will reinvent the recipe because some of the available ingredients are different than called for, or the group being served has different tastes. They may be more daring and want something REALLY different...spicy or exotic.

So it is up to the "head chef" to set the tone for the dish, whether an appetizer or a 7-course extravaganza. The best chefs have a passion for change and a vision of what the meal will look like and taste like. They take risks and try new seasonings. They are creative with the presentation and encourage other chefs to make changes and move ahead. Of course, to make the best menus succeed, all the chefs work together to meet their milestones and commitments.

This cookbook will give you ideas ranging from basic measurements, to presentation, to shortcuts in preparation. Unlike other cookbooks, this cookbook will give you hints about your kitchen and even serious tips for you to use in your restaurant. It will offer tips that the chefs have found work and tell you how to succeed with your menus. Some of the recipes will even offer you ways to relieve the stress and have fun. Punching bread dough is a GREAT way to vent your stress.

As with all cookbooks, you do not have to start with page one and read cover to cover. Pick and choose what works for you and start having fun. This cookbook is filled with ideas that you can reinvent to make the changes "comfort food."

Oh, if you were wondering, we tried all these recipes and loved them!

"Some books give you food for thought, except cookbooks, which give you thought for food"

-Paul Harlan Collins

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