CHAIRPERSON JAMES: First speaker is Margarita Villa Gomez, Villa Gomez.


CHAIRPERSON JAMES: Thank you for your patience.

MS. VILLA GOMEZ: (Through translator.) Thank you.

Good afternoon, my name is Margarita Villa Gomez.

I've worked at the Hollywood Park Casino for four years. I am married and I have four children: Patricia, Fransico, Edith, and Rohedio (ph) Jr.

I've worked in this country for 20 years. I've had many different experiences because I've had many types of jobs. I've always worked at temporary jobs for temporary agencies. I would be sent to factories where I would pack many types of merchandize. The last job was packing vitamins.

I worked seven days a week making the minimum wage of $4.25 an hour. And I didn't receive any benefits for myself or my family. I didn't have a medical plan and you never knew when the job was going to be over. The company would contract with the agency for only six months.

Now I've been working for the Hollywood Park Casino for four years and for the first time I have job security. Now that we have the union and now that my seniority is being respected.


MS. VILLA GOMEZ: Now I work five days a week and I have two free days that I choose and I dedicate that time to my family and to my home. Before when I work seven days a week I didn't have any time to go out not even to the park with my family and my children. My children would cry because I didn't have any time for them, they didn't' want me to work so much.

Now I see the difference with this job. I feel different now that I have this job because it's stable and I can spend more time with my family.

Thank you.

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: Thank you. Paul Walters.

(No response.)

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: I'm sorry. Mr. Walters? No.

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