CHAIRPERSON JAMES: We need to set up for our public comment period at this point and I will ask you to bear with me as we have a few instructions.

There will be interpreters for some of our speakers and so necessarily we will have to adjust our timing for that and I will try to be cognisant of that as we go through.

During our set up, I'm going to ask that you please report back to the rear table where you signed in and you will given instructions so that we can do this quickly and smoothly. So if you are signed up to give public comment, please go to the rear table where you originally signed in and they will give you instructions there.

We're going to take about a five minute break and get set up for public comment. Thank you.

(Off the record.)

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: We are ready to begin our public comment period, if I could ask you to take your seats.

I'd like to call our meeting back to order. In the interest of maintaining fairness to our speakers, I'd like to remind commissioners to please withhold personal comments of agreement or descent with our speakers. Speakers, you each have three minutes, the green light indicates that you may begin, the yellow light indicates one minute remaining, and the red light is your signal to stop. If you are ready, we are prepared to hear our first speaker.

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