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You can participate in the NEGP's Rising to the Test: Meeting the Challenges of Standards, Assessment and Accountability teleconference by hosting a downlink site in your community. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to invite members of your community that you believe have a meaningful interest in education improvement efforts and will be interested in the teleconference's content. All you need to do is REGISTER and find a satellite, and a TV -- both of which are readily available since every community has at least one public facility with no-cost or low-cost capability to receive satellite signals. These range from state office buildings, high schools and community colleges to local cable TV operators, PBS stations or other network TV affiliates -- each of which have suitable rooms and technicians to handle transmission arrangements. Downlink coordinates for the NEGP teleconference are:

Ku Band - GE2, Transponder 4, Frequency 11780 (Horizontal)

C Band - Galaxy 3, Transponder 2, Frequency 3740 (Vertical)

You may wish to take advantage of a variety of options in terms of how you setup your downlink site. For example, some state policymakers may choose to view the telecast privately, perhaps over lunch with their staff. Others may see this as an opportunity to invite a broader cross-section of leaders in the education and business community with discussions around important education issues in their community to precede or follow the teleconference.

To find out information about a downlink site in your state, click on your state below or find your state in this pull down menu.

You can also contact the teleconference's coordinator, Burt Glassman, to find out more information at (202) 724-0078 or by e-mail at

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