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Images and Documents

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Public Hearing May 3-4, 2004 - New York, NY



May 3 (Day 1)

Welcome and Introductions

  • VIDEO (11.8 MB, RealPlayer Format)

International Space Partnerships

Lunar and Other Space Science

Space to the People!

  • VIDEO (121 MB, RealPlayer Format)

May 4 (Day 2)

Welcoming Remarks, Sustainability and Management

Astrophysics for the Beyond

Space Prosperity and Resource Development


  • VIDEO (76.3 MB, RealPlayer Format)

Media – The Big Picture

  • VIDEO (108 MB, RealPlayer Format)

Sean O'Keefe, NASA Administrator

Audience Comments

  • VIDEO (35.2 MB, RealPlayer Format)

Press Conference

  • VIDEO (60.6 MB, RealPlayer Format)

Deliberation of Commissioners

  • VIDEO (157 MB, RealPlayer Format)

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