President's Advisory Commission on Consumer Protection and Quality in the Health Care Industry

Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

The development of the Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities required the involvement and contributions of many individuals and organizations, and the Commission wishes to extend its appreciation to all of them.

Much of the initial work on this report was done by the Commission's Subcommittee on Consumer Rights, Protections, and Responsibilities under the leadership of Chair Peter Thomas and members Christine Cassel, James Chao, Nan Hunter, Sylvia Drew Ivie, Randy MacDonald, Ronald Pollack, and Stephen Wiggins.

The Commission wishes to pay special tribute to Executive Director Janet Corrigan for her superb leadership and staff direction and to Deputy Director Richard Sorian for his outstanding policy guidance and operational and editorial skills. The Commission also extends its sincere appreciation to Commission staff members John Dicken, Elizabeth Docteur, Mary Gerald, Edward (Chip) Malin, Ann Page, and Karen Titlow for their work. From the Department of Labor: Olena Berg, Meredith Mille, Peter Nixon, Marilyn Park, Margaret Farrell, Holly Nelson, Cheryl Dorsey, William Taylor, Richard Hinz, Monica Healy, and Avis McKnight.

From the Department of Health and Human Services: Gary Claxton, John Eisenberg, Holly Bode, Laurie Boeder, Bernadette Fernandez, Stephen Finan, Lisa Lang, Lisa Rovin, Anthony So, Nancy Wartow, Frank Gladney, John Jones, Jason Block, Ken Choe, and Bill Wood.

During the course of its deliberations, the Commission heard public testimony from dozens of witnesses, including Theresa Alberghini, Larry Bedard, Bob Boland, Winifred Booker, Laura Braun, John Brumsted, Tracy Buchholz, Alfred Chiplin, Richard Curtis, Lauren Dame, Helen Darling, Justin Dart, Karen Davis, Thomas Delbanco, Steve deMontmollin, Laurie Flynn, Jon Gabel, Bob Griss, Sandra Harmon-Weiss, Paul Harrington, Cathy Hurwit, Jeanne Keller, Deborah Lisi-Baker, Dwight Marsh, William Michael, Anya Rader, Michael Rapp, David Reynolds, David Richardson, Diane Rowland, Sandra Sands, Gail Shearer, Henry Simmons, Helen Smits, and Deborah Klein Walker.

The Commission also appreciates the testimony of Rep. Sherrod Brown, Rep. Ben Cardin, Gov. Howard Dean, Rep. John Dingell, Sen. James Jeffords, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Rep. Charles Norwood, Rep. Marge Roukema, Rep. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Pete Stark, and Rep. Henry Waxman.

The Commission thanks the following for their testimony: Frederick Aurbach, Judith Baker, William Benson, Larry Boress, George Bosl, Gerald Britton, Leigh Callahan, Michael Cannon, Carol Clay, Marco Coronado, Carol Cronin, John Fanning, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Mary Foto, Larry Gelb, Muriel Glanthen, Michael Grice, Kevin Haugh, Ida Helander, Carol Johnson, Richard Koepke, Margaret Lavigne, Peter Lee, Maureen Linihan-Howard, Frances Louis-Taylor, Robert Mayer, William McNary, Marie Michnich, Suzanne Mintz, Jim Pyles, Don Riggin, Charlie Sabatino, Herbert Sacks, Fred Star, Jean Summerfield, Myrl Weinberg, and Kathleen Yosko.

Finally, the Commission and its staff are grateful to the following individuals for their assistance: Amy Anderson, Robert Berenson, Carmella Bocchino, Phyllis Borzi, Peggy Connerton, Geri Dallek, Diana Dennett, Paul Dennett, Allen Dobson, Lee Goldberg, Kevin Haugh, Zita Holly, Ann Kempke, Jim Klein, Judith Lichtman, Brian Lindberg, Marjorie MaGinn, Mary Jo Malone, Kathleen McGinley, Jennifer O'Connor, Karen Pollitz, Karl Polzer, Jim Ray, Carol Regan, John Rother, Charles Sabatino, Caroline Steinberg, Nicole Tapay, Bruce Taylor, Mark Ugoretz, Judy Waxman, Andrew Webber, Pandora Wilson, and many others.

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