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L. Paul Bremer, III
Coalition Provisional Authority
Statement at the Funeral of
Izzadeen Salim
18 May 2004

We gather here today to pay tribute to a wonderful human being.

Izzadeen Salim was a man of knowledge. He was a penetrating scholar and writer. He was an expert not only on Islamic thought, but on Western thought and how the two interact.

But Izzadeen Salim was also a wonderful human being. His easy smile revealed the natural friendliness with which he approached all people. He was a trusted and admired member of the governing council.

Now, Iraq will no longer be able to draw on his understanding, his kindness. The enemies of thought, the enemies of freedom have taken him from his countrymen and from his family and friends.

And although the loss is greatest for his family and for his country, those of us in the Coalition shall miss him as well. We shall miss his insights and understanding, his will to fight for peace and prosperity for the Iraqi people.

Through the past 10 months, Izzadeen Salim worked tirelessly to build the new Iraq. He dreamt of a democratic Iraq, a prosperous Iraq, an Iraq at peace with itself. Like others, I greatly valued his quiet and broad intellect, his love of family and country, and his deep faith. I will miss him sorely because he was a friend.

The terrorists are trying to stop Iraq’s march to sovereignty and peace. They will not succeed. We must carry on the political process leading to an interim government next month and to elections next year. Izzadeen Salim gave his life for this cause—we honor his life and memory by continuing that quest.

On behalf of the United States of America and all the members of the Coalition, I extend the deepest sympathy to Izzadeen Salim’s family, to his friends and to the citizens of his beloved Iraq.

Al Baqa’e fi hayatkum wa salamu alaykum.


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