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Coalition Provisional Authority
April 14, 2004

Ambassador Bremer's statement on UN Envoy Lakhdar Brahaimi's announcement today regarding Iraq's political transition:

"We welcome Mr. Brahimi's recommendation for the structure of the interim government, to which sovereignty will be transferred on June 30, 2004. This followed an earlier visit to Iraq by Mr. Brahimi, and a subsequent UN report, at the request of the Iraqi Governing Council and the Coalition. Mr Brahimi's recommendation follows broad consultations with hundreds of Iraqis from across the country. We are grateful to Secretary General Annan, Mr. Brahimi, and all the UN personnel here for their highly constructive contribution. We hope that the UN will continue to use its expertise to play a vital role in advising Iraq as it moves forward with its political transition. This is an important step on Iraq's path to sovereignty on June 30 and first direct elections early next year. We look forward to hearing further details from the UN mission. And we will work with the UN and the Iraqi Governing Council in the continued process of consultations with the Iraqi people."


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