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L. Paul Bremer
Coalition Provisional Authority
Statement on Bombing in Karada District Mount Lebanon Hotel
March 18, 2004

On behalf of the Coalition Provisional Authority and the United States of America I extend condolences to the injured and to the families of those murdered in the Karada district last night. Civilized people everywhere share your sorrow.

This latest outrage is piled atop other terrorist attacks against unarmed, innocent civilians all over Iraq as well the terrorist bombings in Madrid last week. From Nairobi to New York to Bali to Moscow to Karbala and Erbil, earlier bombings have circled the globe. Those who deny that terrorists are operating around the globe and are willing to attack any target are denying reality.

Here in Iraq there is little doubt that terrorists are doing everything within their power to stop Iraq’s progress toward democracy. Their increasing tendency to attack any available target that offers the chance of mass casualties tells us that literally nothing is sacred to them. They are willing to kill religious pilgrims, innocent Iraqis living next to a lightly protected hotel or anyone else.

Terrorists in Iraq seek to break the will of the Iraqi people. They believe that if they spill enough Iraqi blood they can halt Iraq’s progress to democracy. They are wrong.

I meet Iraqis every day. I have no doubt that the people of Iraq will not be cowed by these terrorists. The Iraqi people have waited too long for democracy. After suffering oppression, unnecessary wars and hundreds of thousands murdered by Saddam’s regime they are not going to permit a small band of terrorist evil-doers to stand between them and democracy.

We of the Coalition will stand with the people of Iraq against terrorism.


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