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L. Paul Bremer, III


Coalition Provisional Authority

TV-Radio Broadcast to the Iraqi People

28 November 2003



Kul Aam wa antum bikhair

I am Paul Bremer, administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority. 

The murderers have revealed their purposes.

During Ramadan killers launched dozens of attacks specifically targeting innocent Iraqis.  Scores of innocent Iraqis were murdered for purely political reasons.

In simple terms, these attacks are intended to drive a wedge between the Iraqi people and the Coalition.  But there is a deeper meaning that is not about the Coalition, not about “infidels.” 

It is about isolating Iraq, cutting you off from the modern world, cutting you off from your future of hope.

Let’s examine the purpose, targets and timing of these attacks.

The Coalition and Governing Council have announced specific dates for an end to occupation, for a representative, sovereign Iraqi government, for a permanent constitution and for direct elections of a government. 

Why attack that process? 

Why increase the attacks on Iraqis? 

Why now?

They attack the process because it leads to representative government—a government that will have no room for Saddamists or jihadists. 

They know that you, the Iraqi people, will never elect a government like the one Saddam the fugitive created. 

The killers are increasing their attacks on Iraqi police, Iraqi mayors and Iraqi officials.  They attack the police first because the police try to prevent their sabotage and murder, but also because the police bring the rule of law—and they fear the rule of law.  They cannot bear the law.

The killers attack mayors and government officials because they want to eliminate those who can, through their accomplishments, emerge as leaders for whom you might vote.  And, the killers do not want a new Iraqi government that works.

Ultimately the killers attack Iraqis to frighten you, to intimidate you into silence and passivity so that they can take over your country, destroy your future of hope.

The killers attack you now because they see this as their last chance.  They know that as sovereignty, independence and elections move closer, their chances of coming to power recede.

This is undeniably a dangerous time.  People absolutely without mercy want to destroy Iraq’s effort, your effort, to achieve democracy.  They have murdered hundreds of you.  They are willing to murder hundreds, thousands more.  Look at the record:  Look at the millions who died in Saddam’s foolish wars and the hundreds of thousands he and his killers murdered.

It is a dangerous time for you.  But it is even more dangerous for Saddamists and jihadists.

Your armed strength is growing.  Every day there are more Iraqis on the police force, in the Civil Defense, in the New Iraqi Army.

Your will is growing.  Every day more Iraqis put aside their fears and step forward to tell the Iraqi police or Coalition forces the names, dates and places they need to deal with the killers.  They are using your information to make sure that the evil-doers cannot rest and that like Saddam the fugitive they must run and they must hide. 

But they will not be able to run and hide forever.  They will not be able to deprive you of your future of hope. 

You, the good people of Iraq, are too many and you know too much to let them win.  You have gone through too much to surrender your chance at self government to thugs and murderers. 

Your future of hope is going to be fulfilled.  It will be fulfilled because you are earning it every day. 

You earn your future of hope by withstanding the murderers.

You earn your future of hope when you lead your police to the evil doers. 

You earn your future of hope when you participate in political discussions about what the future of Iraq will be.

You earn your future of hope every time you ignore the demons of fear and look to the better angels of your nature.

Kul Aam wa antum bikhair








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