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L. Paul Bremer

Coalition Provisional Authority Administrator

Eid al Fitr - 2003

Eid Mubarak. 

There is much to be thankful for at this special Eid for Iraq. 

This Eid, Saddam the dictator has become Saddam the fugitive.

This Eid, there is no Mukhaberat.

This Eid, Iraqi schoolteachers earn enough to put food on the table.

This Eid, there are families which, for the first time in years, can buy new clothes for their children.

This Eid, for the first time in years, shopkeepers have a growing business.

This Eid, for the first time ever, you know you are going to have a democracy—and you know exactly when you will have it.

Even though much has been done, more will be done.

Next Eid, Iraq will be a sovereign nation. 

Next Eid, there will be more jobs. 

Next Eid, you will be more secure.

AyamKum Saieda wa Kul Amm wa Antum Behhair.


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