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Q and A Brief for Press Enquiries : 



Q 1.     Who will be allowed to apply for a licence?


A.        There is no restriction on who can apply


Q 2.     Will the networks use GSM or CDMA technology?


A.        Applicants may propose the use of any technology within the offered frequency band.  The prime selection criteria will be value for money and  satisfying the needs of Iraq.


Q 3.     What about the existing GSM networks in the North of Iraq?


A.        We are reviewing the authorisation of the existing operators in Dohuk, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah but expect that they will be authorised to continue to provide service within existing boundaries and license terms.  They will not be permitted to expand further.  The existing operators will be permitted to bid for the regional licenses.


Q 3.     What about DoD/MCI and MTC networks?


A.        No decision has yet been taken about the future of these networks but in the short term, they will be able to co-exist with the new licensees since less than 1/3 of the 900 MHz spectrum has been allocated to them.


Q 4.     How will the new operators deal with the security situation?


A.        The CPA and Iraqi security forces are responsible for general security but individual applicants will be responsible for ensuring the security of their personnel and sites.


Q5.      Will there be a fee.


A.        Yes applicants will be expected to pay a licence fee, but this will be small.  The fee will be used to offset the cost of a new regulatory authority.


Q6.      How much bandwidth will be available?


A.        Operators will be granted a license to utilise up to 1/3 of the available 900Mhz bandwidth.

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