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The CPA today announced a watershed event in the creation of the New Iraqi Army by the opening today of three recruitment centers. They will be in Baghdad, Mosul, and Basrah – and there will be a fourth centre opening in Irbil shortly.   


This Army will be a representative national Army, led and manned by Iraqis of all ethnic, regional and religious backgrounds from across the nation. It will be accountable to the nation; it will contribute to the security of all of the Iraqi people from external threats.


Commenting on the recruitment, Brigadier Riley, Deputy Commanding General of the Coalition Military Advisory and Training Team, said:


“The New Iraqi Army will be the beginning and not the end of the new Iraqi armed forces which will defend the Iraqi nation, rather than a particular leader or regime.  It will be open to the whole Iraqi nation. 


“Excluded from it will be only those persons from former regime security organizations, intelligence organizations, Special Republican Guards, SSO and Ba’ath Party security and militia organizations, and top-level Ba’ath Party members. Because we are only recruiting up to battalion level at present, we will for the time being only accept former military officers of the rank of Lt Col and below. This will be reviewed later as higher level units are formed.”


There are three recruiting centers: Baghdad, Basrah, and Mosul.  A fourth in Irbil will be opened as soon as arrangements with local authorities are completed.

·        The Baghdad Recruiting Center is located adjacent to Damascus Square across the street from the Baghdad Central Railway Station on 14th of July Street (Arbataash Tamuz Street). 

·        The Basrah Recruiting Center is located in the Old Port Area of Basrah adjacent to the Basrah River Service Building. 

·        The Mosul Recruiting Center is located in the industrial of Mosul in the Karama Zone, behind the car market and in the Um Al Rabiayen Technical School.


The start of the recruiting centers today allows each male citizen between the ages of 18 and 40 to register for service in the Army.  Not everyone who registers will be chosen.  There will be a careful process to ensure we select the best.


For those wanting to join, they must follow an easy four-step registration process set out in the Annex.

We are in the process of developing new procedures for selecting officers. These will be announced soon. In the meanwhile we will accept applications from former officers below the rank of Colonel.


Over the next two years, nearly thirty battalion sized units will be formed. If an individual is not identified for the very first unit to be formed, he may be identified for any of the subsequent units, after the first unit has been trained. 


Brigadier Riley concluded by saying:


“The New Iraqi Army will provide both challenging and important jobs for service to the new Iraq. It also offers an attractive package for individuals, including, free food and accommodation, 30 days paid vacation per year, health and dental care, and opportunities for promotion. In due course it will also offer the chance for many to complete specialist trade training, and further military education.


“We will pay each enlistee $60 per month beginning from the day he reports for transportation to the training center.  Enlistees will be paid at the end of the first month of training. At the conclusion of training, individuals will be appointed to ranks and assigned to positions of leadership according to their abilities and performance in training. Their pay will be increased according to their duties and responsibilities. 


“The force we are raising in this first two years is not the final answer, just the first step – the seed of the future Army.”






·        Step one, you must go to the recruiting center, produce your identity card, complete an application form that is available and free, at the Recruiting Center, and then hand it in at the Recruiting Center.  You will then be given an appointment at the earliest available date to return to the Centre.


·        Step two, you return to the Recruiting Center for your appointment with identification documents (such as ID card, Military ID card, passport, or birth certificate) and any evidence that shows completion of education, military service, or training.  Bring no guns, knives or any other weapons with you. You will then be processed, which consists of a medical evaluation, identification processes, and interview.

You will also receive a letter of instruction and a service number that is unique to each individual. This service number will be used later to identify your reporting date for training if you are selected. You will be told how to look out for your selection information. You will also be told what to bring with you, and what the arrangements will be for travel, leave, and pay should you be successfully selected.


            All applications, in-processing information, and medical results will be evaluated by the CPA, in order to select individuals for the Army.  We will be considering prior military experience (although this experience is not mandatory), special qualifications, civilian and military education - and bearing, attitude and motivation to serve as reflected in an interview.


·        Step three, individual selection will be announced by service number in the media.  Service numbers of those selected will be posted at the various Recruiting Centers. The announcement will inform you of exactly where and when you should report for free movement to the training centre.  You will also be informed of a time to come to a briefing for full information on reporting, what to bring, and so on.


·           Step four, is reporting at the date and time indicated for transportation to the training centre.




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