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DATE 30 June 2003


PR No. 008


The Interim Governor of Najaf, Abu Haydar Abdul Mun’im was removed from office, and arrested this afternoon (30 June) in Najaf. He faces a multitude of charges, which include:

  • kidnapping and holding hostages
  • pressuring government employees to perform financial crimes
  • attacking a bank official
  • stealing funds

Coalition forces made the arrest at the request of the Iraqi Investigative Judge and the Special Prosecutor appointed by the Chief Judge of Najaf. They have been investigating these allegations for some time before concluding that there is sufficient evidence to warrant arrest.

These allegations are very serious. Mr Mun’im’s arrest demonstrates the Coalition’s determination to enforce the rule of law in Iraq. All Iraqi citizens, no matter what their rank or status, are accountable to the courts for their actions. Mr Abdul Mun’im will face trial under Iraqi law, as amended by the coalition to include such elements as the right to counsel.

Once the Najaf Provincial Council is established next week, among its first tasks will be to select one of its members to become the new Interim Governor. Until then, the Deputy Governor of Najaf, Haydar Mahdi Mattar al Mayali, will act as Interim Governor.



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