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Contact: Mike Hardiman 
Tuesday, 15 June, 2004


Ambassador Bremer has named an Inspector General for the City of Baghdad, accepting the recommendation of Baghdad Mayor Dr. Alaa al-Tamimi.

The new I.G. is Mr. Tomma Jaberlog al-Akielie. Mr. Tomma is a graduate of the College of Economy and Administration, University of Baghdad in 1976. He earned a diploma in Account Control from the University of Baghdad in 1984. He has worked in the Auditing Departments of several ministries, including Industry, Agriculture, Higher Education and Transportation.

The I.G. reports directly to the Mayor and holds a five year term of office. His duties, outlined in CPA Order #57, are to “prevent, deter and identify instances of fraud, waste and abuse of authority and illegal acts that occur” in Baghdad city government.

Mr. Tomma plans to have deputies for training and audit as well as investigation. “My priorities will include education on proper procedures and the prevention of mistakes, as well as investigations,” he said.

“I will break down the wall of the Inspector General as the opponent of the employees. My goal is to improve the working environment and have transparency and efficiency,” he continued.

He plans to reach out to citizens and employees for information, with all comments being confidential.

Mayor al-Tamimi said that this new office of Inspector General “will promote good management and clarity. There will be no doubt about what is proper, and everyone will be accountable for their actions.”

Additional responsibilities of the I.G. office include oversight of audits of all records and activities of the city government, establishing measures of performance for agencies, providing information and evidence regarding potentially criminal acts to the Commission for Public Integrity and prosecutorial agencies, recommending remedial actions to overcome deficient administrative policies and formulating written policies and procedures.

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