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Gulf Region Division
May 31, 2004

Rehabilitation of Turbine #5 Completed at Haditha, 110 MW Added to Grid

Baghdad, IRAQ – One hundred and ten (110) megawatts of electricity, (105 MW derated) was added to the Iraqi power grid as the rehabilitation of Turbine #5 was completed May 31, 2004 at the Haditha Dam in Al Haditha, Iraq, as announced by the Gulf Region Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The $12 million project, administered by CH2MHill, and overseen by Corps personnel in support of the Program Management Office and Coalition Provisional Authority, began Feb. 6, 2004.

The turbine operation had been hindered due to three cracked runner blades. Additional pumps, controls and motors also had to be replaced. Corps and contractor personnel living on site have been working side-by-side with Iraqi plant personnel to accomplish this achievement.

Previous projects at Haditha have included the modification of operation for turbine #2 as well as restoration of transmission lines to link the hydropower dam to the Iraqi power grid. In all, an additional 440 MW of capacity has been added to the overall capacity of the national grid due to the efforts of this partnering team, according to Robert Goss, project manager for the Restore Iraqi Electricity Directorate for the Corps.

As part of a nationwide effort, in part, by the Restore Iraqi Electricity Directorate of the Gulf Region Division, Army engineers, Soldiers and Civilians are working non-stop with contractors and Iraqi workers on-site to restore the dilapidated power infrastructure and improve the quality of life for all of Iraq by increasing the available electricity.

In conjunction with projects under the supervision of the Unites States Agency for International Development in support of the Ministry of Electricity, the Corps is continuing its efforts towards meeting its share of the 6000 MW goal for capacity by June 2004.

Repairing damages from more than 30 years of neglect under Saddam Hussein, Corps teams are restoring transmission lines, improving or replacing switching facilities and building or restoring more than two dozen power generation projects to produce a capacity not seen in this country before. For more information on the CPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ reconstruction efforts in Iraq, including additional photos, please visit and


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