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Baghdad – May 2, 2004 – Minister of Defense Ali Allawi has announced the establishment of the Iraqi Veteran’s Agency (IVA). The announcement was first made this past Thursday to senior officers of the former Iraqi military during an open dialogue meeting about the future direction of the Iraqi Armed Forces. Hosted by the Minister, this meeting was the first in a series of open dialogue meetings with former officers.

The IVA functions as a bureau under the administration and direction of the Ministry of Defense. It is responsible for managing all aspects of veterans issues, coordinating provision of support from other agencies to veterans and directing the veterans stipend program. The agency immediately will focus on supporting veterans of the former Iraqi military and soon will work to build the capability to assist future veterans of the new Iraqi Armed Forces.

“After the disestablishment of the former Ministry of Defense and Army there was a need to adequately address the vocational needs of veterans of the former Iraqi Army,” said Minister Allawi. “It is my pleasure to announce that the new Iraqi Veterans Agency provides Iraq with a visible and viable reference point for addressing the needs and issues of this country’s veterans.”

A main pillar of the new agency is an initiative for vocational training and job placement. Under this new initiative, veterans of the former Iraqi military will receive priority. This will be facilitated throughout Iraq at Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA) training and employment centers by IVA liaison officers and dedicated MOLSA veterans counselors.

The IVA will be based in Baghdad with a small staff. It will be supported regionally by the MOLSA Vocational Training and Job Placement centers. Previously, the Coalitional Provisional Authority had operated a Stipend Payment Program and provided some assistance for vocational training to veterans. The IVA will take over those functions but will devote greater resources and provide better coordination for this kind of support in the future. Therefore, the CPA Stipend Payment Program has been transferred to the Ministry of Defense (including its staff, funds and equipment) to complement this new initiative.

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