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Thursday, April 22 -- Today Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Administrator Ambassador L. Paul Bremer congratulated the Iraqi Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Rashad Mendan Omar, for his Ministry’s significant advance on the road to sovereignty. Today’s transfer marks another milestone on the path to full sovereignty for an Iraqi government under the control of the Iraqi people.

“Together, Dr. Omar; his Senior Advisor, Mr. Owen Powell Jr.; and their staffs have laid a foundation to more efficiently manage Iraq’s scientific research and programs and implement procedures that are scientifically and technologically sound, to ensure research is Iraq’s scientific science and technology ,” stated Ambassador Bremer.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has begun an aggressive program to modernize the management of their research and monitoring programs utilizing the latest technology available. The Coalition will continue to work with their Iraqi partners to bring about a fundamental change in how their government operates and serves its people.

In his speech today Dr. Omar said, “As we accept greater responsibility for control over the Ministry of Science and Technology, we are celebrating another achievement for the people of Iraq. In a little over one year we have gone from a ruthless regime that sought to exploit science and technology to threaten its neighbors and oppress its people, to at the end of the tunnel democracy

The Iraqi Ministry of Science and Technology joins several ministries that have already taken this important step on the path to a sovereign, democratic and free Iraq. As announced by Ambassador Bremer last month, as Iraq’s ministries develop short and long-term strategic plans, budgets and reorganize administrative functions, they will demonstrate their readiness to take this important next step. Part of that process requires that fundamental management systems have been put in place and a system of checks and balances has been implemented to deter and root out corruption.

Under the leadership of Dr. Omar and Mr. Powell, the Ministry of Science and Technology has made important progress creating a modern scientific program that utilizes leading technology, research tools and scientific experts in the best interests of the Iraqi people. Key developments to date include:

• The MoST radiological collection teams are protecting the public from radioactive sources that pose significant health risks by retrieving materials and securing the contaminated sites followed-up with continuing radiological surveys;

• This Ministry has taken the lead in establishing the foundation for e-government in Iraq with plans to establish computer and electronic communications standards, computer training, and information technology planning throughout government;

• The MoST hosted a highly successful Information Technology (IT) seminar introducing the principles of successful IT strategic planning to Iraqi scientists, engineers, and technicians from all over government;

• Ministry personnel have installed hundreds of computer systems in the University of Baghdad, which allow for ready access in seven computer labs for thousands of students and faculty members, and are installing local area networks in the ministries;

• The MoST will oversee the newly-established Food and Environmental Safety Laboratory, which will collect and analyze samples of foods, water, industrial waste, solid waste, and pharmaceuticals to assure compliance with Iraqi and international standards to protect public health and the environment;

• The Ministry of Science and Technology continues to work collaboratively with the Ministries of Health, Environment, Agriculture, and Water Resources to protect the public health and safety; to use the talents of its professional workforce to rebuild and modernize Iraq’s infrastructure; and to conduct research and development in constructive endeavors to improve the living standards of all the people of Iraq;

• Ministry of Science & Technology has successfully restructured the merged Military Industrialization Commission (MIC) companies and the Iraqi Atomic Authority (IAA ) to from ten directorates to conduct research and development in peaceful directions to rebuild Iraq.

• MoST has rehabilitated and refurnished about 50% of it's demolished and destroyed buildings at AL-Jaderiyah and AL-Twaitha.

• MoST established short and long term strategic plans and projects and is on schedule to meet it’s annual goals with 30% of its planned projects for the year 2004 successfully completed.

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