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(As of Apr 17/0144)

Various sections of Highways One and Eight in the Wasit, Babil and Diyata provinces will be closed indefinitely from 6 a.m., Saturday, April 17, for civilian travel until Iraqi engineers and Coalition forces can repair them.

For your safety, watch for closure signs and do not drive on sections of the closed highway.

Highway One and Highway Eight in the Wasit, Babil and Diyata provinces have become targets for anti-Coalition forces. The highways are damaged and too dangerous for civilian travel.

South of Baghdad on Highway Eight the closure will start near the town of Rakkab al Muktif. North of Baghdad on Highway One the closure will start near the city of Balad. Civilians will be directed to alternate routes of travel.

Civilians that attempt to drive on these roads may be considered anti-Coalition forces and risk being subject to attack. If civilians drive on the closed section of the highways they may be engaged with deadly force.

These highways will be closed for an indefinite period of time for public use. Safety and security of public travel is the primary reason for closing these sections of highways.

Analysis of safety and security of the highways will be determined by the Iraqi police and Coalition forces. As the situation changes, more information will follow.



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