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Iraqi Ministry of Education Enters Final Stage to Sovereignty

Saturday, April 3 - Today, Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) Administrator Ambassador L. Paul Bremer recognized the achievements of the Ministry of Education and its Minister, Dr. Ala'din Alwan, on re-establishing the Ministry's sense of educational purpose for Iraq as
the nation moves towards sovereignty on June 30.

"As we look to the construction of Iraq's future of hope, no ministry, no part of the government is more important than the Ministry of Education," stated Ambassador Bremer during comments delivered at today's ceremony. "Since September, the Ministry of Education has reorganized itself and refocused on central priorities and the children of Iraq are better for it. Now is the time to celebrate the success of the Ministry of Education," concluded Bremer.

In reaching the milestone signaled by Ambassador Bremer today, the Ministry of Education developed a "situation analysis" that included short and long-term strategic plans, an administrative reorganization and new policies to direct ministry affairs. Fundamental management systems have been put in place, including the launch this week of the Ministry's Education Management Information System.

According to Dr. Alwan, "Since September, we have been re-claiming the once-proud education system in this country. By reaching out to every sector of Iraq, we intend to ensure that education is at the heart of our free and democratic nation. We are allowing the system that was mistreated and disrespected by the former regime to be replaced by one that will reflect the hopes and dreams of all Iraqis."

Under the leadership of Dr. Alwan, the Ministry of Education has already achieved the following:

* Trained over 32,000 secondary school teachers and 3,000
supervisors in effective instructional delivery and classroom management.

* Over 800 Master Trainers are eligible members of the Ministry's
Training Institute.

* Rehabilitated more than 2,500 schools, with another 869 underway,
by various U.S. civilian agencies, NGOs, international agencies, and the military.

* Created a four-year strategic plan for reorganizing and
restaffing the ministry; rehabilitating the school infrastructure; retraining teachers; and creating the national dialogue and framework for Iraqi-led curriculum reform.

The Coalition will continue to provide technical assistance on request by the Iraqi Ministry of Education and will oversee the $170 million in new construction and non-construction related education assistance in the special supplemental appropriation requested by U.S. President George W. Bush.

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