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Immediate Release, March 24, 2004

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Baghdad Central Public Affairs

“Baghdad Beautiful” Project Ready to Go

Based on recommendations from Baghdad’s elected advisory councils, CPA’s Baghdad Central office plans to disburse US$10,000,000 within the next three months for city beautification projects.

Eligible types of improvements can include:

- Creation and rehabilitation of city parks, rest areas, public squares, playgrounds, and recreation areas,
- Installation and repair of lighting to illuminate outdoor public places,
- Erecting sculptures and painting murals on approved locations,
- Landscaping public areas using plants, shrubs, flowers and grasses,
- Repair of sidewalks and footpaths which have significant damage.

Funding can pay for labor costs and materials such as park benches, shades, playground equipment, fountains, trees, plants, bicycle stands, vehicle and equipment hire and other similar items.

Residents of Baghdad can speak with their selected neighborhood, district and city advisory council representatives if they have suggestions for projects.

Funding will be distributed equally to each of Baghdad’s nine Beladiyahs, which equals just over $1.1 million for each district.

“Baghdad Beautiful” funding is limited to the types of beautification projects listed above. Baghdad has tremendous needs for improved public works of all kinds, and these are being addressed through other programs. “Baghdad Beautiful” projects are limited to above ground, readily visible projects, based on the principle of providing the greatest benefit to the largest number of people.

Work will begin as soon as projects have been identified and prioritized by the advisory councils and contracts have been approved. The 1st Armored Division will implement this program and play a central role in its success.



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