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February 24th, 2004 -- In an historical meeting in Baghdad, leading Shia and Sunna Clerics along with representatives of all of Iraq’s religious groups met for the first time on Tuesday. The meeting was organised by the International Centre for Reconciliation at Coventry Cathedral in the UK. It was held in the light of increasing tension between Iraq’s different tribal and religious groups. The meeting was chaired by Dr Mouwafak Al Rabbie and Mr Naseer Chadirchi both members of Iraq’s Governing Council.

Canon Andrew White, Director of the ICR in Coventry, will act as senior advisor to the ICRP for its first 18 months of its existence. A base has been provided by the Coalition Provisional Authority in a villa formally owned by Uday Hussein the evil son of Saddam.

The culmination of the meeting was the signing of a ten pointed document which will be known as The Baghdad Religious Accord the document called for an end to violence and the demonization of the other. It pledged that Iraqi religious leaders would work together to aid the process leading to democracy.

Further meetings will take place latter this week in order to finalise the executive of the ICRP

Further information is available from

Canon Andrew White
+ 914 360 4844
07901 360 139


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