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Statement by Ambassador L. Paul Bremer III, Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority

Baghdad, Iraq 23 February...Today Ambassador Bremer issued the following statement:

"The Coalition Provisional Authority welcomes the UN Secretary Generalís report from the UNís fact-finding mission on the political transition in Iraq. It is a constructive contribution to our mutual goal of transferring to the Iraqi people a sovereign, democratic Iraq. We share the UNís view on the importance of direct elections in Iraq as soon as possible. At the same time, we share its concerns about the feasibility of fair and legitimate direct elections within the next few months. The report makes clear that we must stand firm in handing sovereignty to the Iraqi people on June 30, and we will meet that milestone. We look forward to continued involvement by the UN as we work with the Iraqis on next steps, including the establishment of a provisional government for the immediate period post-June 30."


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