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Coalition Provisional Authority
Baghdad, Iraq
February 1, 2004

Statement of Ambassador L. Paul Bremer
on the February 1 Attacks on the KDP and PUK Headquarters in Arbil

On behalf of the Coalition Provisional Authority, I want to express my outrage at today’s murderous bombings in Arbil, which constituted a cowardly attack on both innocent human beings as well as on the very principle of democratic pluralism in Iraq.
I further wish to express my deepest sympathy to the families of those who lost their lives in today’s bombings, as well as to those who were injured.
We pledge to work with the Iraqi security forces to find, capture and bring to justice those responsible for these horrible acts and those who aided them.
Those responsible for today’s attacks are seeking to halt Iraq’s progress on the path to sovereignty and democracy.   As we mourn today’s victims, let us resolve to vigorously work to ensure that the terrorists fail, and that the people of Iraq succeed in arriving at the better, democratic future that is rightfully theirs.


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