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Construction Projects Taking Shape in al-Hilla

Al Hilla, Iraq. The Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) and local contractors continue to improve the lives of the community. Several construction projects are being worked on simultaneously and many are nearing completion. These projects include schools, medical clinics, water projects, road projects, and the Babil Government Center.

Contractors recently completed repairs to Nile Hospital, will greatly improve access to medical treatment for the citizens of Nile, a small village north of Al Hilla. CPA funded the project, which cost almost $65,000 (91 Million ID*). The Reghela Clinic, located west of Al Hilla, is also nearing completion and will serve that community with better medical services.

Additionally, more than 20 schools are being rehabilitated throughout Babil Province. The on-going construction projects for schools total more than $1.3 million (1.82 Billion ID*). Many of these schools are being refurbished to improve poor lighting, broken windows, and plumbing problems. For example, the Nebuchadnezzar Industrial School has nine separate buildings in need of repair.

Irrigation pumps are being installed in the villages of Mahawil, Amadiya, Babil, and Niel. These pumps will provide needed water to farmers' fields in these small towns. The current water pump projects still under construction total more than $600,000 (840 Million ID*).

The final stages of construction for the Babil Government Center are nearing completion. When the building opens, the provincial government will have new offices in which to conduct business, handle payments and manage the day to day operations of the Province. This $177,000 (248 Million ID*) project, underway since September, includes a new security fence, repairs to walls, windows and doors. Funds will also provide a new roof, electrical wiring and furniture.

Construction is also being completed to replace fountains at the entrance to Al Hilla on Hay Babil Street. The fountains have new plumbing and art work that will greatly improve the city’s appearance.

The local Iraqi contractors used for these projects were chosen from a competitive bidding process. All the money is given in increments, and as the work is properly completed, more money will be given to the Iraqi contractors. Seized from the former regime assets, the money is now being used for the Iraqi people.

Assisting the people in Babil Province is an important goal for the Coalition Provisional Authority. It is part of a larger initiative to help Iraqis as they move toward democracy and a sovereign government. Additional funding projects will be announced in the coming weeks.

(Assuming $1 equals 1,400 Iraqi Dinars.)


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