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Commission on Public Integrity to Combat Government Corruption 


Baghdad, Iraq…January 31, 2004 – The Iraqi Governing Council today announced the creation of the Commission on Public Integrity, which will assure that the Iraqi people are served by honest and dedicated leaders and public employees.    


The Commission -- an independent part of the Iraqi government – will receive anonymous complaints from individual citizens, investigate allegations of corruption, refer violations of corruption laws to Iraqi criminal courts and propose legislation to strengthen standards of ethical conduct for public officials and employees.


In addition, the Commission will require that Governing Council members and their deputies, ministers, deputy ministers, governors, judges and Commission officials file a statement in which they disclose their sources of income, real estate and business holdings and debts. 


After the transition, members of the national legislature and the chief executive are also subject to the disclosure requirement.


The statute creating the Commission further requires all public employees to sign a written pledge promising to adhere to Iraq’s public employee Code of Conduct.


The Commission will be led by a Commissioner with the highest standards of ethical behavior and a reputation for integrity and honesty. 


The initial Commissioner will be nominated by the Governing Council and appointed by Ambassador Paul Bremer for a term of five years.  Subsequent Commissioners will be appointed by the chief executive of Iraq from a list of nominees by the Council of Judges.







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