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Handing over of Keys of Ministry of Youth and Sport in Basrah


Keys to the renovated offices of the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Basra were officially handed over today (Thursday, 22 January) in a ceremony on the site of the former International Olympic Committee building.

The $76,000 reconstruction by Basra-based firm, Al Manssory General Contracts, was the latest government building to have been renovated under the CPA’s current building programme.

Around 60 local tradesmen and labourers were employed during the work on the Ministry’s premises, which will provide modern office accommodation for staff from the Ministry, the Olympic Committee and several sports federations.

Reconstruction work included replacing looted windows, doors and electrical fittings, the supply and installation of air conditioners, and a new plumbing and sewerage system.

Sir Hilary Synnott, Regional Co-ordinator for CPA South, said at the handover ceremony: “Re-opening this beautifully refurbished building is proof of CPA South’s commitment to helping government employees return to work, providing better public services and real benefits for young people and sports organisations.

“In Southern Iraq, a total of 46 buildings are being refurbished under 42 separate contracts using Iraqi contractors. So far, a total of 21 buildings have been completed and handed back to their original ministries and departments.

“In the Basrah area alone, contracts are currently being completed to renovate buildings such as the Boy’s Orphanage and street cleansing offices, as well as University faculties and hospitals.”

A total of Ł5 million ($8.6 million) has been committed in the programme to refurbish government buildings. Funding is provided by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), with project management by Halcrow Recovery and Infrastructure Group (RIG).


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