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PRESS RELEASE                                                                            January 3, 2004


Merry Miller                                                                        

South Central Region
Hilary F. White


distributions made to Karbala Province for area projects

Karbala Province, Iraq.  The Coalition Provisional Authority awarded more than $730,800 (1.9 billion Iraqi Dinars *) in contracts for community projects in Karbala Province today.  The projects will employ local people from Karbala Province.  


After the terrible bombings last week, these projects were rushed through the process in order to assist the people of Karbala as quickly as possible.  The terrorist attacks were made against the Coalition, Iraqi Police, and innocent Iraqi citizens who were working to rebuild Iraq.  The terrorists are trying to strike discord in the holy city of Karbala and against stability in Iraq.  The terrorists are attempting to undermine Iraq as the country moves towards democracy and full sovereignty.  The Coalition Provisional Authority will not be swayed by the terrorists.  CPA will continue to work closely with the people of Karbala to assist them in building a better life in a new democratic Iraq.    


Today's money will provide repairs to the following:  a fuel depot, sewage pipes, storm pipes, the Mikaiheel River Bridge, the hospitalís storage and laundry areas, and the Karbala Police Academy.  There will also be funds distributed to supply equipment for the Karbala treasury and the electric company.


CPA believes a good educational system is essential as Iraq progresses toward self-government.  The funds will repair and rebuild the following 12 schools:  Kafar Kasim Primary School, Um Selama Primary School, 14 July School, Zahra School, Al Nahdha Secondary School, Thu Fakar School, Belal School, Al Karar School, Al Qalidin School, Thakar Al Iraq Primary School, Al Geel Primary School, and the Teacher Training Institute.  The contracts will also repair windows at several schools in the province.  Repairing and improving schools creates a better learning environment for children and increases opportunities for their futures as they learn in a free Iraq. 


The local Iraqi contractors were chosen from a competitive bidding process.  All the money is given in increments, and as the work is properly completed, more money will be given to the Iraqi contractors.  Seized from the former regime assets, the money is now being used for the Iraqi people.   


Since the summer, CPA has awarded $7 million (13 billion Iraqi Dinars *) in contracts for Karbala community projects, which CPA, the Polish Governance Support Team, and local Iraqis have identified.  Assisting the people in Karbala Province is an important goal for CPA.  It is part of a larger initiative to support Iraqis as they move toward democracy and a sovereign government.  Additional projects to help Karbala recover from the recent bombings will be announced in the coming days.


* Assuming $1 equal 1,900 Iraqi Dinars.




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