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PRESS RELEASE                                                                 January 3, 2004


Contact:       Hilary F. White



Al Hilla, Babil Province, Iraq.   The Coalition Provisional Authority recently provided at least 200 boots for firemen in Hilla and will give more boots to the firemen in the coming weeks.  The boots provide added capability to Babil Province firemen as they do their jobs for the local community. 

The Coalition also provided 7 fire trucks for Babil Province.  The fire departments will soon receive 13 more trucks.  Finally, CPA has also ordered boots, gloves, helmets, fire hoods, fire retardant jackets, and fire retardant pants for each fireman in Babil Province. 

A strong fire department represents an important part of the ongoing reconstruction activities.   The people of Babil Province can take pride in their firemen, who will have some of the most modern equipment available.

Assisting the people in Babil Province is an important goal for the Coalition Provisional Authority.  It is part of a larger initiative to help Iraqis as they move toward democracy and a sovereign government. 


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