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Sunday, December 28, 2003
Hilary F. White

Emergency Response Funds delivered to karbala

Karbala Province, Iraq.   The Coalition Provisional Authority responded to the attacks on Coalition Forces and innocent Iraqi citizens in Karbala by dispersing $50,000
(95,000,000 Iraqi Dinar*) to assist immediately with emergency services.  Additional money will be allocated in the coming days to repair damaged infrastructure.


The terrorist attacks were made against the Coalition, Iraqi Police, and innocent Iraqi citizens who were working to rebuild Iraq.  The terrorists are trying to strike discord in the holy city of Karbala and against stability in Iraq.  The terrorists are attempting to undermine Iraq as the country moves towards democracy and full sovereignty.      


Mr. Mike Gfoeller, CPA-South Central Regional Coordinator, visited Karbala today to view the damage.  He noted that despite the bombings, the people in Karbala remain strong.  "We express our deepest sympathies to the families of those murdered and to the families of the other innocent victims injured in the terrorist bombings on Saturday.  I have full confidence in the people of Karbala.  They are determined to recover, and they will succeed." 

The Coalition Provisional Authority will not be swayed by the terrorists.  CPA will continue to work closely with the people of Karbala to assist them in building a better life in a new democratic Iraq.  Additional assistance for Karbala will also be announced in the coming days.

 * Assuming $1 equal 1,900 Iraqi Dinars.        



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