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Following recent technical difficulties, the TIP Hotline numbers have been changed.  Below is a revised list.

Calls within Baghdad                                                     7784076

Calls within Iraq from outside Baghdad                          01 7784076                 

Calls from outside Iraq                                                  00964 1 7784076       



The Tips hotline and e-mail address is staffed by trained and vetted investigators and interpreters who receive incoming calls and e-mails. An answering service is provided out of hours. Investigators can call informants back if they prefer.

Callers will be assigned a pseudonym and reference number in order to protect their identity and make further consultation and payment possible where appropriate. The scheme is totally confidential. Information is then recorded and corroborated where possible, before being passed to the relevant authority for action.

The revamped program has already made three payouts last week alone and is proving a source of valuable contacts. It can be used to pass on various types of information about the whereabouts of wanted people, attacks on the Coalition and Iraqi security forces, terrorism, illegal arms caches, sabotage and straightforward criminal activity. Cash rewards are given on a sliding scale depending on the importance of the information and range from US$25 million being offered for information leading to the capture or killing of Saddam to a few hundred dollars for information on arms caches, for example.


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