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Coalition Provisional Authority
Baghdad, Iraq

Contact:   Tom Basile
Office of Strategic Communications


“On behalf of all members of the Coalition Provisional Authority, I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the family of Baghdad’s Deputy Mayor, Faris Abdul Razzaq al-Assam.

Faris was absolutely committed to the welfare of the citizens of Baghdad and the future of the city.  He was in the prime of life, a respected leader of the Baghdad Capital Mayoralty whose thousands of employees looked up to him for guidance and wise counsel.  Over the past four months, he served voluntarily as Deputy Mayor, knowing the personal risks associated with his position.

Faris was also a visionary, driving force in the effort to institute a new democratic government in Baghdad and Iraq.  He helped design the Baghdad City Advisory Council system, and he worked closely with its members on behalf of his city and country.  He had, in fact, just returned from Madrid where he attended the World Donors’ Conference, participating in the successful discussions with the world community to garner the support Iraq needs to move forward on its goals of reconstruction and democratization.

While we mourn the loss of an Iraqi patriot, those who committed this cowardly act should know that we will not be deterred from completing our mission.  We will continue to strive to help the Iraqi people free themselves from the kinds of criminals who would see them oppressed, abused and terrorized.  Our mission is clear, our resolve is intact.  We will persevere until the people of Iraq can live in a free and democratic society.”    

-         Hank Bassford, Regional Coordinator, CPA Baghdad