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Baghdad, Iraq – November 1, 2003– The Ministry of Higher Education today announced the dates and locations for the Institutional TOEFL English proficiency test for those applying for the Fulbright scholarship program.


For the 2004 January or February Spring semester, applicants must take the TOEFL English proficiency test on November 15, 2003, at 11:00 am.   Applicants are strongly advised to arrive at the test location no later than 10:30am.


The TOEFL test will be administered at the following locations:

Mosul University College of Arts Language Lab

Sulaymania University

Salahedine University in Arbil

University of Al-Mustansariya in Baghdad, College of Education

Kufa University in Najaf

University of Basra, College of Education (northern campus).


Those applying for the 2004 August or September Fall semester should not come on November 15, 2003. There will be another TOEFL exam in April 2004.


To be admitted to the test, applicants must bring two identification cards, such as the “Jensiyya” and the “Shehada al-Jensiyya”. Applicants must also bring several sharpened, medium- soft (#2 or HB), black lead pencils. Pens and colored pencils are not allowed for use on the test.


Applicants must also bring their completed application, all the official transcripts (translated in English) and the 3 letters of reference (translated in English).  Anyone failing to bring two forms of identification, pencils and all required documents will not be admitted to the testing facility.


The Fulbright Scholarship has strict eligibility requirements that are outlined in the instructions and application form.  Not all fields of study are available under the program.   Only those whose studies are included in the program should apply.  Only 20 to 25 scholarships will be awarded in total in Iraq.


For information visit the CPA website at or contact Ambassador Dr. Joseph Ghougassian at (tel. 1-914-822-4894).





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